“Hang Up Your Clothes in Good Conscience with (re)x Recycled Plastic Hangers

Here is a product we all use. And one that nobody until now has figured out how to make out of recycled plastic. I present the (re)x clothes hangers. I know it’s a weird name but it’s an important issue.  Besides, these are very sturdy and well-made hangers.

There are approximately two pounds of plastic pollution in each pack of ( r e ) x hangers. Raw materials for the (re)x hangers are sourced from beach clean-ups and local recycling efforts in South Africa.

The company partners with Ocean Plastic Technologies to recover plastics from the ocean and remove post-consumer and post-commercial plastics from the waste stream. To date, 3.3 tons of ocean and ocean-bound plastic waste have been removed from waterways thanks to (re)x hangers.

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