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We’re celebrating our expansion into children’s hangers (yay), and in honor of that expansion, we’re sharing some organization tips for your kid’s closet using ( r e ) ˣ  hangers. We think you’ll agree our hangers are the most versatile, the most sustainable, and the absolute best children’s hangers available. 


There are a lot of hangers out there — the fancy felt ones, the slippery wood ones, and of course the free ones. And there are three things we know really well at ( r e ) ˣ: hangers, kid's clothing, and sustainability. 


Sustainability is a leading factor in everything we do and we’re proud of the traceability and transparency behind our hangers; as for children’s clothing, our founder spent 12 years as a (very) successful children’s clothes designer. 


So it only makes sense we wouldn’t make anything less than a high-quality, uber-sustainable children’s hanger. Once you’ve outfitted your kids’ closet with sustainable hangers, let’s talk about how to organize your kids’ closet with ( r e ) ˣ  hangers!

What’s Important In A Kids Hanger?


If you’re anything like us before we got into the hanger biz, when you’re looking for a children’s hanger you just want something that will:

  • Keep the mess off the floor.
  • Save you from the time spent digging through dressers.
  • Hold up long enough that the both of you can get through the toddler years in one piece. 


We’re parents too, we get it!  


But as we thought about what goes into a truly great hanger, our criteria for the best kids’ hanger grew and morphed into the following: 

Here’s what you can find in ( r e ) ˣ  children’s hanger:

     1. Hangs Clothes Well

Yes, it’s obvious, but we know you’ve purchased hangers that couldn’t do the one thing they were designed for. ( r e ) ˣ  hangers are extra sturdy, have notched and ridged arms to firmly keep clothes in place, and a reinforced bridge for durability.  

2. Sturdiness

Ain’t nothing gonna bring one of our hangers down. You will not find flimsy plastic that easily breaks when inquisitive little hands get a hold of them.

3. Usability

Our entire hanger is made from ocean plastic or plastic intercepted on its way to the ocean. That means the hooks slide easily over your closet rod. They’ll move as fast as you can flip through clothes. 

4. Sustainability

Every hanger is made from 100% recycled plastic; sourced from recycling efforts in South Africa taking plastic out of the ocean and keeping plastic from ending up there. Our partnership has created over 126 jobs and generated income for 27 grandmothers (so far).

5. Design

Not only do our hangers come in a variety of fun (and boring) colors to liven up (or organize) any closet, each color contains a unique material makeup.

6. Size

You have to replace their shoes every 2 weeks, you don’t want to also have to replace their hangers! Our hangers are age-appropriately sized to grow with your kids. Our kid’s hangers fit 3 months -6 years; continue the circularity as they grow turn exchange a pack of kid’s hangers for adult hangers and get $5 off.

How To Organize Your Kids’ Closets With

( r e ) ˣ  Hangers


Organize With Colors — Make It Fun!

With 9 colors to choose from, organize your kids’ closets (and teach them to organize?) by using colors! If you have more colors than you have clothing options, add other items like blankets, sheet sets, towels, muslin cloths, and more to the mix.

Organization Tip 1: Organize garments by color. Dresses on one color, onesies on another color, T-shirts on another color… you get it. If your kid can see colors they can organize their clothes! 

Organization Tip 2: Assign colors to seasons. Blue for all winter garments (coats, long undies); Purple for fall; Green for summer; and Orange for spring — or whatever makes the most sense to you.

Organization Tip 3: Assign colors to kids. This not only helps if they’re sharing a closet but when you find random hangers in places they’re not supposed to be… you know which closet they belong to.

Organization Tip 4:Assign colors to specific days of the week. If their Type A personality is beginning to show, have them pick their outfits for the entire week and organize them via colored hangers. Alternatively, choosing an outfit the night before and assigning it a color can help keep everyone organized.


Utilize The Thickness & Strength Of ( r e ) ˣ  Hangers

We get the appeal of thin hangers, we really do. You want your closet so tightly packed it feels like your favorite secondhand store. 

But here’s the thing, our hangers are like the bodybuilders of hangers. Would you want to sit next to one on an airplane? Maybe not, but would you want one holding you up if you fell off the edge of a cliff? Or your sanity? Definitely, yes.

( r e ) ˣ  hangers are not going to break when little hands with absurdly extraordinary strength pull at them. 

Organization Tip 5: One hanger = one outfit. Dedicate a section of their closet to outfits. Load up everything in an outfit on one hanger (coat included). And in a few hours when they need to change their clothes again — there’s another outfit ready to go. 

Organization Tip 6: Preload options onto the hangers. Your kid loves picking out their own clothes but maybe they’re not quite ready for the power of their full closet. Load up 2-3 options on a hanger and let them decide which one fits their mood today. 

Organization Tip 7: Easily access what you need. Folding is a pain — give yourself easy access to onesies (or winter base layers) by hanging up a week's worth of them on a hanger. Snap the garments around the bridge of the hanger and keep them within arm's reach.

Organize By Size & Shape

Our children’s hangers fit ages 3 months-6 years with groves and notches to keep the clothes where they’re supposed to be — and not in a mysterious pile at the back of the closet. 

Organization Tip 8: Sort by direction. Is your mother insisting your kid never wears the clothes she got them? Help your kid (and you) accurately determine what’s being worn and what isn’t. Start by facing all the hangers in the same direction. Each time your child wears an item, hang it up with the hanger in the opposite direction. You’ll soon get an accurate picture of what’s actually being worn, what needs a little more love, and what it might be time to move on from. 

Organization Tip 9: Repurpose the hangers for other, smaller items. As your kid grows, use the hangers for smaller items such as tanks, suspenders, thin strapped garments, small blankets, towels, etc.  

Organization Tip 10: Repurpose for accessories. As your kid outgrows the hangers, use the hanger to hold scarves, ties, gloves, etc. either in their own closet or in the coat closet. 

Organization Tip 11: Repurpose for the other babies. Can you never find the right leash or sweater when you need it? Give your fur babies their own hangers.

What Size Hangers Do I Need For My Kids

Make sure to use age-appropriate hangers. It may seem like hanging kids' clothes on an adult hanger will work but trust us, it won’t.

  • Our kid’s hangers fit ages 3 months-6 years (really!)
  • Our adult hangers fit 6 years +

Once you’ve decided to reorganize or switch things up and you’re ready to revamp your hangers, where do you begin? 

It’s easy to find countless articles on the best types of hangers and the best children’s hangers, but not so much about the best types of hangers for the planet.

We got tired of broken hangers and broken sustainability promises. With traceability, transparency, and better design, we’re working to reduce single-use plastics through conscious manufacturing with adult hangers and now children’s hangers. We hope you stick around for a while!

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