About us

The ( r e )ˣ initiative originated from the aim to reduce the global consumer footprint, particularly targeting single-use plastics. Although it's challenging to completely eliminate plastic consumption, the goal is to transform everyday items into opportunities for removing plastic from the environment, ultimately striving to eradicate the need for new plastic.
The ( r e )ˣ hanger exemplifies this commitment, being crafted entirely from 100% recycled plastic sourced from ocean or around the ocean, obtained through beach clean-ups and local recycling efforts in South Africa. Despite the challenge of recycling, the manufacturing partner, Ocean Plastic Technologies, employs proprietary technology to facilitate this process. Both ( r e )ˣ and Ocean Plastic Technologies share a dedication to environmental stewardship, with the latter adopting an "Earth First'' ethos. The collaboration extends to having packaging hand printed and assembled by a group of single moms in South Africa