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why environmentally-friendly hangers?

We’ve been a part of the fashion industry for a while. 

( r e ) ˣ  founder Paulina Quintana ran her international children’s clothing brand for 13 years.  During this time she had a career she loved but was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new plastic hangers that were constantly generated then discarded by the industry.  

Being a designer and an environmentalist she decided to tackle this issue at the consumer level. Cuz hey! Everyone needs hangers.

Plastic is so ingrained in our lives it’s challenging to stop using it. So we decided to start small, with something almost every person uses — a hanger. 

Our goal is to replace virgin plastic flimsy hangers in houses and businesses across the world. 

When we’ve accomplished that, we plan on transforming everyday items into opportunities to remove plastic from the environment and prove that there’s already enough plastic on Earth. We don’t need more.

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sustainable to the core

Transparency is at the core of who we are. 

Sustainable and eco-friendly are popular and attractive words that brands are rushing to incorporate. 

But ( r e ) ˣ has always been an environmental initiative and it will always be one. 

We can’t talk about sustainability without talking about greenwashing. While some brands are truly coming up with creative ways to incorporate sustainability, many are choosing to greenwash (i.e. lie to you) by slapping vague descriptions and eco-friendly-sounding language on unchanged products without providing any proof or clarity. 

  • Phrases like “100% sustainable” or “eco-conscious recycled plastic”
  • Not clarifying if it is partially recycled material and partially virgin.
  • Not clarifying where the plastic came from.
  • Not clarifying how the plastic is collected and turned into product.
  • And not clarifying where it’s all made. 

If you’ve ever felt yourself wondering any of these things as a conscious consumer, you’re not alone! 

green ( r e ) ˣ hangers on a tree branch

it’s all recycled plastic over here

Should your ( r e )ˣ hanger ever break, we’ll replace it, grind it up, and turn it into a brand new hanger.

( r e ) ˣ kids purple hanger holding a striped pastel set of overalls

0% virgin plastic.

There is no virgin plastic in our hangers. 

The plastic itself is sourced in South Africa from our partners Ocean Plastic Technologies and made possible by their proprietary technology. Both ( r e )ˣ and Ocean Plastic Technologies share a dedication to environmental stewardship. Our collaboration extends to having packaging hand printed and assembled by a group of single moms in South Africa.

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