sourcing partners

meet the people holding up our mission of eco-friendly hangers: our sourcing partners!

Our manufacturing partner, Ocean Plastic Technologies is who truly makes ( r e )ˣ possible. Like us, they are dedicated to caring for the planet through their sourcing and manufacturing processes. 

OPT works through Micro Recycling Plants (MRPs), which are small, locally owned businesses. Through this model they are able to collect and repurpose a larger amount and variety of ocean and ocean bound plastic. 

Meet some of the operators who make it all possible! 

Women on Waste


Phelile and Noxipho lead the operational team at the Wilowfonten plant, where their business, Women on Waste, employs 5 people and provides income for 6 to 10 grandmothers. The business collaborates with over 80 reclaimers in the community. Phelile is dedicated to cleaning her community and removing plastic waste from the Wilgerfontein river, while Noxipo, a qualified baker, shares Phelile's passion for environmental cleanup and works to educate the next generation of recyclers in their local community.

Dematrans Waste Services

Shaka's Kraal
Justin and Devan manage a micro-recycling plant in Shaka'skraal through their business, Dematrans. Their enterprise employs 7 people and provides income for 4 grandmothers working with a network of over 70 reclaimers in their community. They also recycle plastics from neighboring seaside towns. Justin, with over 6 years of experience, leads a team passionate about collecting and containing tons of plastic, preventing it from entering the local river and surrounding floodplain located on the Mhlali River. Devan, a seasoned recycler with over 10 years in Shaka'skraal, brings valuable knowledge and experience, contributing to capacity building and expansion on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal.Shaka's Kraal

Waste Reduction and Recycling Technologies

Njabulo and his brother Ayand operate our plant in Richmond through their business, Waste Reduction and Recycling Technologies. Their company employs 4 people and provides income for 4 to 6 grandmothers collaborating with over 70 reclaimers in their community. Njabulo, with a degree in environmental management, serves as the Project Manager for the regional micro recycling plant cluster in KwaZulu Natal. He dedicates himself to developing innovative, long-lasting solutions for mixed and contaminated plastics, all while supporting the expansion of our micro recycling plant network across the province.

Waste WorX

Mzamo, Thulisile, and Nonhlanhla form the team responsible for managing and operating our plant in Umgababa through their business, Waste WorX. The enterprise employs an additional 3 people and provides income for 7 grandmothers collaborating with a network of over 62 reclaimers in their community. Located near the local Msimbazi River and close to beach resorts and homes on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal, Nonhlanhla and her team work to monetize waste generated by tourism and the local community. Their efforts prevent waste from entering the Msimbazi estuary and the Indian Ocean.

meet our partner: ocean plastic technologies