Our founder


( r e ) ˣ is an eco-designed company founded by Los Angeles-based designer Paulina Quintana. Their initial product is a hanger made entirely from 100% recycled plastic, sourced from the ocean or intercepted before reaching it. Quintana's mission is to craft sustainable solutions for everyday items and transform them into an avenue to eliminate plastic waste from the environment.

Quintana, the CEO of ( r e ) ˣ, aims to reshape people's relationship with plastic, acknowledging the negative environmental impact of discarded plastics. Over 8 billion plastic hangers are discarded annually, alongside over 8 million metric tons of plastics entering our oceans yearly.

Her experience in the fashion industry fueled her passion for green innovation, leading her to establish ( r e ) ˣ. The company's focus is to reduce consumers' environmental footprint and eradicate the need for products made from virgin plastic.

( r e ) ˣ stands out for the traceability of its products, with each pack of hangers having a QR code detailing collection locations, the recycled plastic composition used, and the recycling site proprietors. Raw materials originate from beach cleanups, ocean plastics, and post-consumer recycling efforts in South Africa. The company employs 100% recycled and biodegradable packaging.

Beyond sustainability, ( r e ) ˣ has reengineered the hanger's design, increasing its thickness and strength for enhanced durability. The company also fortified the vertical strength of the pant bar and added an integrated "fishhook-style" garment hook. A unique feature aids maneuverability in tightly packed spaces.